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TSB #: 23-028-05

Date: May 5, 2005

Group: Body

Subject: Rear Of Sunroof Glass Is Not Flush To Roof

Overview: This bulletin involves flash reprogramming the sunroof motor and possibly replacing the sunroof drain channel.

Models: 2005 300/Magnum

NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles built prior to September 1, 2004 and equipped with a Sunroof (sales code GWA).

Symptom/Condition: Sunroof does not fully close (fit flush to roof) and/or fully vent and/or is noisy at the end of full open travel.


1. Verify the rear of the sunroof glass to roof flushness concern.


A. Insure the battery is at least 12 Volts.
B. Place the ignition switch in RUN position.
C. Close all of the doors.
D. Press and release the vent switch (sunroof should move to vent position).
E. Once the sunroof has stopped motion at the vent position, press and hold the vent switch for at least 10 seconds to recalibrate the sunroof position.
F. If the sunroof did not reach the full vent open position, press and hold the vent switch until that position is reached. Then release the vent switch and repeat step "E".
G. Verify sunroof operation by opening, closing and venting the sunroof.

Repair procedure:

If the recalibration procedure was unsuccessful, use the procedures outlined in TechCONNECT® BODY/SUNROOF/GLASS PANEL/ADJUSTMENTS to adjust the glass panel. If the sunroof glass is now flush, perform the Repair Procedure (Flash).

With the sunroof in the full open vent position, inspect the outboard attachments of the sunroof drain channel for breakage. If the drain channel is broken use the procedures outlined in TechCONNECT® BODY/SUNROOF/WATER CHANNEL to replace the drain channel.

Parts required:

P/N 05137559AC Drain Channel
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