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TSB#: 23-038-05

Date: Aug 19, 2005

Subject: Sunroof Squeaks While Opening Or Closing

Models: 2005 LX (300 and Magnum)

Overview: This bulletin involves lubricating the slide surfaces of the sunroof mechanism.

NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles built prior to January 1, 2005

Symptom/Condition: Squeak sound may be heard when the sunroof is operated. This mechanism squeak can be distinguished from a glass seal squeak because the squeak occurs when the glass seal is not in contact with roof flange. The squeak sound is most likely to occur in higher ambient temperatures. The mechanism squeak sound occurs even when the sunroof glass is removed.

Diagnosis: Operate the sunroof, if a squeak sound is heard while the glass seal is not in contact with roof flange, perform the Repair Procedure.
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