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new wheeeeeels.

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so, i got a few surprises today!

1. V.I.P. edition roof wing & trunk wing. (thanks victor! & thank you john for bringing them down for us & for my little 300.)

now, i just gotta go get them painted before saturday...cutting it close... eeks.

after a discussion with fatchance about wheels today...and asking when mine were actually going to come in...the boyfriend took me for a drive up to ontario...a hole in his wallet...and we got our wheels.


Vellano VSD 22" with a 4" lip or something.

here's a picture with them on the KenStyle 300C

falken is bringing me some tires tomorrow. so, hopefully i'll have pictures with them on by thursday/friday. if not, it won't be till after sema. but whoo hoo! another thing down...only like 20 more to go by saturday. SEMA HERE SKITTER COMES! :banana:
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Sounds like what an SRT8 on a wet road with the ESP off does

stinasaurus said:
haha, i wasn't aware other people called their car skitters. so, i don't know his skitter thing.i just named mine skitter cus he skits when i hit the gas. maybe i should call him skeeter :hump:
Dictionary Definition Skitter: To move rapidly along a surface, usually with frequent light contacts or changes of direction.

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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