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Welcome to!
This "New User" forum is a place for new members to introduce themselves...
Tell us about yourself, about your ride, post some pics and help us get to know you.

If you have questions regarding your vehicle, or anything beyond your introduction, please don't post them here... Those belong in their respective forums.

General Forum Info:
This is a great, and growing, community of 300 enthusiasts just like you, and they are eager to share what they know, but there are already thousands of threads in our archives. These can be readily searched using the internal search engine located in the Navigation Bar at the top of this, and every page on the Board. If you don't find the info you're looking for, start your own thread in the correct forum and your fellow members will be there for you. Be sure to check out the Regional Forums for info about car shows and meet 'n greets in your area and check our Site-supporting Vendors Forum for just about anything you could want or need for your car. And finally, our Site Rules are evolving, but please familiarize yourself with them before posting in the forums.

Probationary Period
Rescinded, no restrictions

Community Give & Take
Keeping a Board like this alive takes both give AND take...
Please be sure to contribute what you can when you see another member in need of assistance, or simply a warm welcome to newcomers. Too often we old-timers forget what it was like to be the "Newbie on the block".

Thanks! Enjoy exploring... and again, welcome to!
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