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I install as directed here but get no sound from the right dasn ad door but get sound everywhere else, where an I going wrong:pat: :smashfrea The line marked in red is where I'm lost,I end up with two grey/orange wires and none of the match to the dark green/yellow looks more lime then yellow

White = Grey/purple + Grey Orange
White /Black = Grey yellow + Grey Yellow
Grey = Dark green/purple + grey/dark blue(FR+)
Grey/Black = Dark green/yellow and grey/orange(FR-)
Green = Dark green/tan
Green/Black = Dark green/grey
Purple = Dark green/Brown
purple/Black = Yellow/Grey

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second what Mr. I said, plus, where are you making these connections?
Are you at the factory amp and if so, which molex plug is it?

For reference, there is only a single stereo input in the connector closest
to the firewall. That is from the radio into the amp. If you want front
and rear with fader from your kenwood, you'll need to connect to
the output side of the amp. There is a second molex plug at the amp.
disconnect it and check the wire colors there.

Here's the wire code again just in case:

Dash Left +: Gray/Orange
Dash Left -: Gray/Yellow
Dash Center +: Gray/Brown
Dash Center -: Gray/Orange
Dash Right +: Gray/Dark Green
Dash Right -: Gray/Light Green

Front Left +: Gray/Violet
Front Left -: Gray/Yellow
Front Right +: Dark Green/Violet
Front Right -: Dark Green/Yellow

Rear Left +: Dark Green/Tan
Rear Left -: Dark Green/Gray
Rear Right +: Dark Green/Brown
Rear Right -: Yellow/Gray

Subwoofer +: Grey/Brown
Subwoofer -: Dark Green/Brown

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Ignore my previous post if you are using some adapter supplied from kenwood. It was my assumption that you are connecting into the wiring at the factory amp.
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