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I hope this is the right place. I have a 2012 300S without the Nav option. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone and my system downloads the addressbook/phonebook when I connect to my car Bluetooth.

I have several (8) email accounts with addressbooks which show in the contact list on my phone. My car phonebook only showed 438 of the 700, but prior to all this, it had included all my frequently called numbers, so I hadn't realized I was missing almost half. It was only after I noticed I couldn't search on or store new frequently called numbers that I realized I wasn't getting a full download.

I noticed last week that the system wasn't showing new numbers I had entered into my phone book.

Most entries show, on my system, in the phonebook on my dash, with a house icon or phone icon to indicate which numbers are listed with that person. My new numbers are showing with a circle icon and those ones I cannot choose to add as a favourite into my top 6. When I do an alphabetical search, they don't show up. But if I go into recent calls, they show there, with the name and number and circle icon and no plus sign on the side to add them favourite numbers.

I tried editing and resaving the missing contacts in my phone addressbook, to maybe change a date flag to mark it as new. Still won't download.

I then deleted all my email accounts one by one to try and figure out where the problem was. The phonebook # of entries dropped and dropped as I deleted, from over 700 to 38!

I then deleted all my contacts from my gmail addressbook (actually, exported to a saved file and then deleted), my primary contact source. Then re-imported them all, again changing the date flags on all of them, Still stuck at 38 showing in my phone book!

Then I actually deleted my phone from my car and re-added it. I'm stuck at 38 still. Now I'm worse off than I was before!

Can someone please point me in the right direction to fix this, it's driving me crazy!! I want it to do a complete and total download of the addressbook from my phone into my car.



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