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OEM UConnect Aftermarket Add On Is Possible

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I did a lot of searching here to no avail regarding adding the factory OEM UConnect. I remember seeing that someone wanted to add the OEM system aftermarket and think he gave up after being told it wasn't possible. For some reason I can't find the thread. There's tons of UConnect threads dealing with a variety of issues, but none with what I was looking for.

There is someone (technoteacher) who has successfully done this along with the OEM Nav on the MyLXInfo forums. He lists part numbers and prices as well. I know there are some who would like to do this rather than install the aftermarket UConnect.

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4u2nv said:
Has anybody heard whether this works or not? I have been searching for quite some time. All of the dealers say it isn't possible. I am looking into this myself. I couldn't find a couple of the items at, so I have emailed them for more info.
Why don't you PM the person who installed it:

mcalbala said:
Unfortunately there are two forms of Uconnect. One is a box that fits into the car, which I believe the above link is referring to, the other is the one that is built into the rear view mirror (the factory installed version). I was offerred a car without Uconnect and the dealer offerred to install the aftermarket box which I did not want. They explained that there is a wiring harness difference, which they found out from Chrysler. Ultimately, I did not take the car. Seeing that the information was from Wyckoff Chrysler, I assume that they would have found a way to install the factory version of Uconnect if it was possible.
Now go back and re-read the link. This is the factory UConnect he's referring to added afterwards. Note the mirror part number as well.

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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