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OEM UConnect Aftermarket Add On Is Possible

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I did a lot of searching here to no avail regarding adding the factory OEM UConnect. I remember seeing that someone wanted to add the OEM system aftermarket and think he gave up after being told it wasn't possible. For some reason I can't find the thread. There's tons of UConnect threads dealing with a variety of issues, but none with what I was looking for.

There is someone (technoteacher) who has successfully done this along with the OEM Nav on the MyLXInfo forums. He lists part numbers and prices as well. I know there are some who would like to do this rather than install the aftermarket UConnect.

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mcalbala said:
I looked at a car without the UConnect option and asked about the factory installed option (not the after market version). The answer after alot of prying was that the wiring harness for the factory version of the Uconnect is different, which is why it is not offerred as a dealer installed option or an aftermarket alternative.

Say Whhhhaaatttt???!!!?? I'm gonna try this out. If it works, you will have the undying gratitude of scores of 300 owners out there who were misled by pushy salesmen to take the 300 that was on the lot without uconnect, by promising that it could be added later and would work the same.
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