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Offset question

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Had a small question about the offset size in mm. I have read other posts in the past about it, and the differences 18-21mm offsets have on the position of the wheel in comparison to the side of the car. Was having some trouble getting the answer I was looking for when searching back through so I thought I'd give this a try =).

I plan on purchasing 22" 265/35 that have an offset of 20mm. Anyone else have a setup like this that could fill me in on how the wheels sit in the well? I'm interested to see how much the offset plays with the wheels orientation on the car. If someone does have a setup similar to this, a picture would be worth gold ;). Thanks in advance to any replies.
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My wheels are 22x9.5 with a plus 18 offset and 265-35-22. The inside of the wheel is pretty close to the spindle. One inch is about 25mm so the two mm difference is not very much. One thing to think about is if the wheel is a 9 or 9.5 inch that will change how the wheel sits, and how the tire bulges when mounted. IMO the 265-35-22 on a 22x9.5 is the perfect combo with the Eibach Proline springs, No rubbing at all.
Thanks for replying Brianh. The wheels I am looking to purchase are also 9.5 in width (forgot to add that tidbit in my original post). So it sounds like 2 more mm won't have a large impact on where the wheel sits in the well.

Is the 18-21mm range going to keep any wheel within the well and not pushing out past the fender, or is that factor also determined by the design of the wheel itself?
I'm considering Neeper Vandals: 22"x9.5" w/a +15mm offset.

I'm thinking, although may cause the wheel to stick out a bit further, it won't be too close to the control arms at all and won't need spacers.

Anyone have a 9.5" wheel w/+15mm offset?
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