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Oil drain valve

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After changing my oil this weekend I would like to make future changes easier and less messy. Does anyone have experience with an oil drain valve? What's your opinion?

Here is a short article on one:

Fram also makes one called the SureDRAIN:
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II kings 9:20 said:
The Japanese unit looks to be well built, I tried a Fram Sure Drain on my Jeep and the washer leaked. The only potential problem I see is leaving a few ml of dirty oil where the threads reach up into the pan and there will be a small pool of oil that sits below the threads and does not enter the orafice, if the orafice is flush with the inner wall of the pan then this is not a concern. This would be easy to measure.
Thanks for the reply. One of the FAQ questions responds to this concern.

Q.Does my Engine Oil Drain Valve protrude into the interior of the oil pan and prevent full drainage of my engine oil?

A.No. The threaded oil drain plug hole is always reinforced to accept the threaded bolt of the drain plug. Your Engine Oil Drain Valve will not extend past this threaded portion of the drain hole and will allow the oil to be properly drained. Your Engine Oil Drain Valve will let you drain your engine oil while it is hot without burning your hands and it is much more effective than trying to pump the oil out from above.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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