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300c crd
79,000 miles........

replaced to date....
Fully recon Turbo (turbo technics)
All inlet manifold gaskets
Oil cooler seals (yes the cooler in the v)
6 recon injectors due to starting and mismatched numbers led to starting issues.
6 NGK Glow plugs and Module.
DPF Removed and files deleted on ecu.

What i have now is oil residue in the driver side exhaust manifold. 100% oil not diluted with fuel. Running up driver side turbo manifold and blowing like a chimney at the back blue thick does clear on steady revs for a few seconds but comes back.
After allot and i mean allot of investigation work, i can see right at the back of the rocker cover (driver side) a small 2 inch section where oil has been leaking. Pulled the rocker cover no seal? No gasket just horrible black rtv sealer
And it must have been spread so thinly as nothing left on head or cover?

Its visible and wet right above the end of the manifold.
How could it enter if it could at all?
why am i seeing oil in this manifold ?

Car runs starts abd drives 100% no over heating bags and bags of power just smokes like a chimney ? Blue......
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