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Offer expires 12-12-2004 and supplies are limited......

We are overstocked and need to reduce our inventory. We are selling these at a fraction over our cost. We need to reduce our inventory to a more manageable level. Please help.

"CLUB" discount or any other coupons, discounts or specials DO NOT apply on this sale. You must use the coupon code
listed next to the price below. The deduction will show on your order form before "checkout". If it doesn't, you did something wrong. You must go back and fix it. We cannot fix it for you and we are not accepting phone orders on this sale either.

Heavy Metal Mesh $269.95 Coupon Code - heavy
Center Bar $279.95 Coupon Code - center
Euro Style $299.95 Coupon Code - euro
Painted Lip Spoiler $229.95 Coupon Code - lip
Painted Spoiler $214.95 Coupon Code - spoil
Order anything above at regular price and get a FREE set of B pillar appliques. Simply put the Willmore Appliques in your basket and use Coupon Code - pillar
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