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Overall Reliability

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Hello all. First post, and considering the 300C as a purchase.

However, I am having difficulty finding any sort of answer on the reliability/durability front. CR does not have enough data to rate on this, and I must admit that I have some reluctance about buying a Chrysler. It is a bit of an import bias I must admit, but I also worked in Auburn Hills for some time in 2003 and heard plenty of inside issues regarding (at that time) the Jeep Liberty, particularly transmission problems.

I must say that at the time seeing those 300s inside, away from prying eyes, I was very very excited. There was this gut feeling that the car was going to be a huge hit. I just loved it. And it has come true :)

Anyway, I realize this is a web board and people post their issues far far more than their non-issues (I currently have a Mazda Miata and spend much time on that board-you'd think the Miata was the worst car in the world, but in the grand scheme, it is incredibly reliable), but I am wondering the most common problems on the car, their seriousness, and if it is a hit and miss problem for just a few owners or something pretty widespread.

My search did turn up some strange tranny issues, the vibration, and the pull. Anything in addition? And finally, as I plan to purchase in a few months, are these problems becoming less and less frequent as the car moves into its 2nd year of production?

I can deal with small little stuff, but dropping trannies and bad shimmys scare me. Especially that I generally keep my cars for 8 years....which is partly the reason I have driven Japanese cars for so long. They have given me a few issues but all in all, no big, expensive problems. I want to keep it that way.

Thanks for the help.

And as a side note, my other considerations are:
Cadillac CTS
Infiniti G35
BMW 3 Series
Audi A4
Mazda RX-8

I realize these cars each have their own issues, I am visiting boards trying to gather some info on them as well.
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Like some of the members have already said, either you love or hate the '300 series'. I have owned several vehicles over the many years and although some have had a few minor problems, fortunately, none were ever a major concern. :rolleyes:

Growing-up as the son of an automotive executive, I had been taught to always never 'run out' and purchase one of the first new available models until 'the bugs have been worked out of it' to speak. Thus far, this advice has worked well and now the same goes for my 11/04-built '300 Touring', as it too has not developed any 'real' problems whatsoever, except for a fuel gauge which never reads full...a minor concern at best. I'll be having it checked-out by my local Chrysler dealership sometime next week. :confused:

Initially, I was impressed by the car's styling and overall visual appeal, but now after having owned is for over four months (although mileage is still low), I've also been impressed by the way the car handles, rides (comfort/convenience), and performs. I too considered several different new makes/models before my year-end purchase, but eventually settled on the '300 series' my eyes (and heart) always kept going back to it. ;)

Just remember, only you can truly make your purchase decision and I'm sure that we'll all support you on whatever you decide...good luck. :cool:
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