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Overall Reliability

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Hello all. First post, and considering the 300C as a purchase.

However, I am having difficulty finding any sort of answer on the reliability/durability front. CR does not have enough data to rate on this, and I must admit that I have some reluctance about buying a Chrysler. It is a bit of an import bias I must admit, but I also worked in Auburn Hills for some time in 2003 and heard plenty of inside issues regarding (at that time) the Jeep Liberty, particularly transmission problems.

I must say that at the time seeing those 300s inside, away from prying eyes, I was very very excited. There was this gut feeling that the car was going to be a huge hit. I just loved it. And it has come true :)

Anyway, I realize this is a web board and people post their issues far far more than their non-issues (I currently have a Mazda Miata and spend much time on that board-you'd think the Miata was the worst car in the world, but in the grand scheme, it is incredibly reliable), but I am wondering the most common problems on the car, their seriousness, and if it is a hit and miss problem for just a few owners or something pretty widespread.

My search did turn up some strange tranny issues, the vibration, and the pull. Anything in addition? And finally, as I plan to purchase in a few months, are these problems becoming less and less frequent as the car moves into its 2nd year of production?

I can deal with small little stuff, but dropping trannies and bad shimmys scare me. Especially that I generally keep my cars for 8 years....which is partly the reason I have driven Japanese cars for so long. They have given me a few issues but all in all, no big, expensive problems. I want to keep it that way.

Thanks for the help.

And as a side note, my other considerations are:
Cadillac CTS
Infiniti G35
BMW 3 Series
Audi A4
Mazda RX-8

I realize these cars each have their own issues, I am visiting boards trying to gather some info on them as well.
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I noticed the weak rear bumper/wheel well parts last night!! I was cleaning off my C for the
first time, and when I went to towl off right behind the rear wheels, I was very
surprised at how easy it was to push that lower part of fender was!!

You can grab hold of the lower plastic fender/bumper part, and pull or push it,
and you can see the wheel well black plastic parts moving too!!

I thought maybe there was more damage to my car than I had originally posted
about, but I see now that other people are seeing this flimziness too.

I wonder why there is not real support in these areas? For a $30,000 plus car,
they sure make it feel cheap.

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