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Overhead Console Wiring?

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Has anyone removed the overhead console? I want to connect my radar det to a wire that is on/off with the ign. I don't see how to remove the console cover without damaging it. I know there is usually a "easy if you know how" way to get these things off.

I am thinking that there may be the sunroof wire harness in there and it could be spliced into for the radar. I don't have the sunroof, but figured they might have the wiring installed anyway.
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jhelmuth said:
When I did this in my '97 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited I recall that the "release" screws were behind the on/off lighting lenses (can't remember how to remove them - but that is probably what you'll haveto do since they must come off to replace the lamps).
Sounds like a reasonable idea. I'll give it a try. Thanks

Thanks for the advice, but.............

I tried to no avail. I tugged very hard, down, forward and backward (even sideways). The headliner just pulls down with it. Must be an unusually tight fit. Guess I'll think about it for awhile. Sure would like to get at that wiring. :confused:
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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