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Hey guys,

Finally got my 2006 Chrysler 300C running after 2 years of sitting. 5.7L Hemi, NAG1 transmission. Installed a new PCM from FS1 to fix a P0031, P0037, P0051, P0057 problem that was causing the car to stall. I also installed a new TIPM from a scrapyard 300 Touring of the same year. Now those codes are gone. After a few days, I now have new codes popping up.




The car drives fine, no symptoms there. The only thing to note is with my Diablosport Predator P2. When I first got the P2, I left it plugged into the ODB2 port overnight. It drained the battery, so I trickle charged the battery and the car started up again just fine. However, the OBD2 port no longer powers the P2, or my bluetooth OBD2 adapter I also have. When I plug the P2 into USB power via the centre console, the P2 starts up, and can read the engine codes, sensor values etc. It can't, however, tune the car. It keeps giving me "can't read stock file" messages after building the tune. I imagine this is related, or the cause of my issue.

I'm really thrown for a loop on this one. I'm really struggling to find anyone whos had this issue, much less someone who has posted the solve.

If anyone has a fix for this, please, I'm begging you to share. I really just want to enjoy this car.
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