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6000 miles after overhaul.
At about 1500 I opened it up for about a half a mile. About a mile after I backed off I got a ticking in the top end. Shut it down and checked all the fluids everything was good, so I restarted tickwent away after about 30 seconds but it had a lope at idle and it threw a misfire on 1 code on 1
after getting it home I started checking the basics. Compression 170 all 8 cylindeRs leak down 8% swapped injectors code came back, swapped coils ,again same code, new plugs same code . I found I had mistakenly put 530 oil in it. Changed that to 520 synthetic car ran great still had lope at idle I reverted to old school added 1/2 quart marvel mystery oil code never came back. Now it has decided to throw p0520 I am going to change the oil again to make sure I've got the MMO out

Btw rebuild consisted of complete head rebuild, new pistons and rings ,ams cam with mds eliminator, melling oil pump,new water pump I've got to figure out where the oil leak on the right side head is coming from,possible valve cover gasket
Question is does the oil pressure really fluctuate that much or do the sensors really go bad that much?
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