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I was wondering if anyone out there has any tips on protecting the paint of the car. It seems like whenever I go out on the highway there is a new nick or scratch on the front fascia/hood or surrounding areas. I used to drive my girlfriend's bmw the same route every day for 2 years and never had any problems with the paint. It seems like the paint chrysler is using or there post paint process is susceptible to chipping.... at least in my case. This past weekend I clayed/waxed the car but it seemed to do no good as I have inspected the car since I got home from work tonight and there is a new small little nick in the front fascia. I have looked around and the 3M 8mil clear film bras look like a good option. Does anyone have any experience with this stuff? I am interested on hard it is to install. Any feedback is appreciated.

Here is a write up of the stuff....

Clear 3M Bra Kits

Have you ever worried about the chips and scratches you’re getting while you get stuck behind a gravel truck? Or, maybe it hasn’t happened? …Yet. Now there’s a solution. A clear 3m 8mil. urethane film; an auto clear bra that is virtually invisible !

Protects front end and mirrors from rock chips, bug damage, debris and weathering
No unsightly black bra flapping in the wind causing scratches
Made of durable, clear 3m 8mil. urethane
Virtually invisible, yet provides unparalleled protection
Will not crack, shrink or peel over time and is used by auto manufactures including Porsche, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Ford
Instantly Sustains factory finish and the value of your vehicle
DOT approved

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Lots of members here have the 3M Clear Bra and sung their praises for the protection provided. I don't believe you can go wrong with it. Plus, you can have it placed on any parts of your vehicle that you choose.

From what I remember, most members have it professionally installed. There are videos for those who want to learn how to DIY. Still, I would not want to be cutting and stretching the film over all those various nooks and crannies.

I have seen several cars at the Spring Festival with the clear bra on all kinds of vehicle body parts and you really have to stare pretty good to even see it.

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