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passenger airbag light won't go off!

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I have a 2005 300c and the passenger air bag light doesn't want to go off. If i sit or press down on the seat it goes out but as soon as I let off, the light comes back on in like 10seconds. Does anyone know about this problem? Is it just a glitch or more serious? Do I have to take it in or is there a fix for it?
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Yes, take it in, likely a faulty sensor. The HHR pass abg is always off unless a sufficient weight person sits there and then the light switches to on. This is a better design, why have the bag pop out in a fender bender incurring all that cost when no one is sitting there? They also have an aux jack on the radio for plug in devices like a Dell DJ or Ipod, seems that GM thinks more than Chrysler though Chryco has more striking designs.
rbb2000 said:
I thought Chrysler had the same system? I don't remember the page but I read in the manual somewhere about this. We have a light just above the stereo next to the caution markers that shows the passenger airbag off unless someone sits there right?
No, our airbag is always on even if no one is sitting there, try putting your laptop in the pass seat, the "airbag off" light will come on. The HHR has a light that says air bag off if no one is sitting there, stays off if you set a laptop there, and switches to "airbag on" if a person sits there.
arnoldw said:
You probably need to take it in to have the seat recalibrated.
Well, I'll be flat dogged, you learn something new everyday. I stand corrected.
Theoretically if a child the weight of a laptop were sitting there, it should be off and the light should be on. With no one there, I would expect the bag to be off and the light on as well but it is not.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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