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passenger airbag light won't go off!

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I have a 2005 300c and the passenger air bag light doesn't want to go off. If i sit or press down on the seat it goes out but as soon as I let off, the light comes back on in like 10seconds. Does anyone know about this problem? Is it just a glitch or more serious? Do I have to take it in or is there a fix for it?
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i had the same problem about 2 months into owning my 2006 chrysler 300 touring. I brought it in for service and the guy gave me a lecture about reading the manual and fixing it myself, then said "don't ever put anything on the front seat". I replied that I own the vehicle and will put a sack of bricks on the seat every day if i wish, he got pissed and I waited about an hour to get it fixed. Here is the pisser guys, he gives me the receipt and explains that this is a one time good-will fix and this "sort of thing" is not covered under warranty and I'll have to pay next time.

I told him to drop dead and asked to speak to the GM of the dealership, another half hour passes and the same guy who did my closing walks up. This is the same guy who said he has no control over the parts department and he was sorry for their screw-up when they messed up my alarm. Well I laugh in this guys face too and call chrysler in front of them, another hour goes by and I have to argue with the people at chrysler because they won't admit they have a warranty on their airbags, but won't say they don't either.

Customer service comes back on the phone and says we are very sorry, we called the dealership/service and we are putting in a complaint. We do have to fix whatever is wrong with your vehicle, and we don't recommend ever going back to that dealership again. Now I have to find a new dealership out in LI or something to get my oil changes done because of these asswipes. My dealership was located in queens btw. Unbelievable, I wonder if the papers would like a copy of my receipt saying chrysler doesn't warranty their airbags. I scanned it on my computer, I should let it circulate to let people know what chrysler service departments are up to.
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