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Passport GT2 Timer questions

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Has anyone with the GT performance timer computed the aerodynamic drag (CDA) on a stock 300C doing coastdown tests? Or found the specifications somewhere on the net?

On the horsepower min/max settings, since these animals shift rather longish, would it make more sense to set max speed up to 80 or 90 instead of the default 60 mph?

Curious to see if any gearheads or experienced GT Timer users have set all this up. I just received my timer, and I want to get some baselines before I add a Volant CAI, and I'm trying to save myself a little time! :wink1:
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I haven't set all that up yet either........
I was looking around and thought I saw some areas where this was published. Weight and DragCo.
Well, there we go.. What's the dry weight of the car?
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