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PCM issues on AWD 300C-Help!!

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Help... Anyone else out there with either RWD or AWD have PCM problems? Mine (actually mothers 05 C AWD) was replaced first at 800 miles and two weeks at dealee. Now we have 3,500 miles and having exact same problems as before the PCM replacement. Original problem was engine would rev to about 3000 rpm when in park - would not come down. When shifting into ANY gear, car would litteraly lurch forward or back, even with me standing on the brakes. Gas pedal would be completely unresponsive. Now, same rev problem, but with an added twist - at different times, different warning lights are coming on and staying on (ABS warning light and Electronic Throtle Control light, which could explain unresponsiveness of the accelerator). Waiting for appointment tomorrow to get car in to confirm PCM is the problem again. I can't be the only one having this type of issue, can I?
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Someone could at least reply with somethin like "nope, you're the only one, sucks to be you". I would at least appreciate the response.
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