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PCM issues on AWD 300C-Help!!

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Help... Anyone else out there with either RWD or AWD have PCM problems? Mine (actually mothers 05 C AWD) was replaced first at 800 miles and two weeks at dealee. Now we have 3,500 miles and having exact same problems as before the PCM replacement. Original problem was engine would rev to about 3000 rpm when in park - would not come down. When shifting into ANY gear, car would litteraly lurch forward or back, even with me standing on the brakes. Gas pedal would be completely unresponsive. Now, same rev problem, but with an added twist - at different times, different warning lights are coming on and staying on (ABS warning light and Electronic Throtle Control light, which could explain unresponsiveness of the accelerator). Waiting for appointment tomorrow to get car in to confirm PCM is the problem again. I can't be the only one having this type of issue, can I?
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Thanks Desiree, appreciate the response. I origianlly posted this thread in the Problems section - unfortunately, my oldest son (Blue04RedLine) took it upon himself to repost it here, with the additional post (#2). I was being patient waiting for responses, but I guess he wasn't. He's used to posting on the Redline forum where I guess the responses are quicker - don't know. My apologies to all who took offense to that post.
As far as taking the car back several times - not a problem if they get it right. The first time the PCM was replaced, it took almost 2 weeks for them to even get the part in. Only b***ch bout that was that this is the wifes car, and boy, did I hear it every day from her bout getting her baby back. Took many a phone call to get Dealer motivated to get the part in - it was amazing how the part showed up the day after I spoke with the owner of the dealership. Hope it's not as long this time. The only good part bout this is she's a die hard 300 lover - had a 99 M before getting into this 05 C - nothing that goes wrong with the car changes her love for the it.
Again, Thanks for your input- sorry you also had PCM problems, but nice to know we're not alone on that on.
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