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Cars, Food and Fun at the Pedders Day in Westfield MA
Sunday, May 18, 2008
9 to 9

10% Off Parts the are Pre-ordered for that WEEK.
15% Off Labor on all installs ALL WEEK.
10% Over Cost on all tires

Gift Certificates will be welcome in addition to the discounts.

Pedders SportsRyder Coils are manufactured to Pedders standards. While the industry find 15mm deviations in coil height to be acceptable, Pedders individually load cell tests each coil to be with 2mm of the specified loaded height. Pedders coils are designed to work best with Pedders performance matched GSR Dampers. You'll find you LX Pedderised ride to be so controlled that your LOWERED LX ride is better than the OE ride. That is not Pedders opinion, that is the opinion of Pedderised LX owners. We are so confident that you'll feel the same way, if you are not pleased with your Pedderised LX we put your OE coils and dampers back on your car and refund your money.

I'll be on site for the event and look forward to meeting our Pedderised AWD owner and the rest of the 300C, Charger and Magnum guys of the North East. We will be starting at 9AM and will work no later than 9PM. If you would like a rental car we can arrange that, but will need to know in advance, and will need some additional info. If you would like a hotel room we can work that out also, but I'll need to know in advance. We will be over-staffing that day, and depending on the number of people coming to this one.

We have a new alignment machine for the Pedders Day!

As usual we will be feeding everyone, We will also have some give aways for everyone. Our Massachusetts Pedders Dealer is Rob Anderson. He and his wife Kim always take great care of our Pedders VIPs.

Rob Anderson (Our Host)
Westfield Expert Tire (Firestone on most GPS Units)
322 East Main St
Westfield MA 01085
(413) 568-8981
RSVP to: [email protected]

We have more than the LX on our Pedders Day Wanted List: 50% Off Installation for the First of

GMT900 (2007 Full Size GM Truck) for Springs, Struts, Shocks, and a few Bushings
Solstice/Skye for Springs
G5/Cobalt for Springs
G6 for Springs
HHR for Springs
Malibu/Aura for Springs
Vibe/Matrix (M Body) for Springs
RX8 for Springs and Front Links

Cars, Food and Fun at the Pedders Day in Westfield MA
Sunday, May 18, 2008
9 to 9
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