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Hello everyone thinking about lowering your LX? Post up any questions you might have here, and we at Pedders USA will try to help you the best we can!

I was just talking with a couple members on another forum about lowering and making some suspension changes. The main concern seemed to be they wondered if making changes to the ride height could harm the car. Well, I want to tell you that is not the case at all if done correctly. In fact its quite the opposite!

I have been riding on my suspension bits (Pedders Track 2) now for over 6 months and I will tell you all the changes I made were a complete improvement from factory. Not only the look was improved (lowering about an inch keeping a nice rake) but also the handling and ride quality too. The ride before seemed to float, it was not smooth and it seemed to have way too much body roll. I was thinking if it was this soft it should at least be comfortable to drive, and it WASN'T! Since the upgrade I got to see some pics of my stock parts and I am even more HAPPY I MADE THE CHANGES!

I went with the Full TRACK 2 Race suspension its filled with everything like a full bush replacement (check the pics of the stock ones, ouch), new struts, shocks, choice of SRT stock ride height, or lowered springs, sway bars front and rear, much beefier endlinks, bump steer correction kit, fully adjustable camber kit and more.

If you have questions, or want to know about pricing, or even schedule an install please email me at [email protected] or call me anytime (830)743-2717.

Check out the amazing new Pedders USA website! There are lots of pages of pics, and parts but here is a link to the MOPAR section!

Pedders Mopar Solutions - Pedders Mopar Solutions Overview - Pedders Suspension

My car after install

Stock Bushes

Pedders Bush

Rear Shock mount after 13K miles

Rear Cradle during Pedders Install

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