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Picture of Rear DVD option

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Went down to take a look at a SRT 8 they had at the local dealer waiting for delivery to a customer. This one had the exact options I wanted so my sales person called me to take a look at it. It was an 06 with BA7, srt 1 an 2 groups, uconnect, and REAR DVD! Here is the pic:
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CMYSRT8 said:
The price on my build sheet says this option is $1,190 CDN (code XRV). Doesn't look too bad, I guess, although DVDs mounted in the headrests look better. Anyone know the screen size?

On a side note, I'd gladly pay that much and more for the kicker instead (if only we could trade option for option.... :( ). BTW, Vigg, did you say that the '06 you saw came with BA7? I thought '06s only came with either BA6 or the 13 speaker kicker....It would be great if they do!
You are correct. BA7 is no more in the SRT 8, it is BA6 or optional Kicker.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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