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We have just completed the first test fit on the new Challenger SRT8. Attached are 2 files. The first file is a setup for the true drag racer who needs some height in the back end for the big meats. It will lift the back en 30mm over the stock SRT8 height. The second photo link is an entire doumentation with desctiptions of the Challenger SRT8 complete TrackII system. Not all pictures are in yet but there are about 140 pictures that not only document the suspension, but also documents the Pedders TrackII instal procedures.

I do not know if the changes to this suspension are Challenger only of the new 2008 stuff. But here are some changes that I have found:
1. Rear trailing arms are no longer the crummy aluminum or pot metal style. They are now steel tubular. But the the soft, non compliant bushing is the same
2. The rear shocks are Bilsteins and not Nivomats
3. They doubled to trippled the dura of the front upper control arm bushings. even with this, they still are not as strong as the Pedders units, plus our Pedders unit will make the front end totally alignment adjustable
4. There are a hole lot of bolts that they seriously increased the torq on. I do not know if this was due to being a first run car or not. But just an observation.

Here are the photo links:
Dodge Challenger with Rear Drag HD Pedders Coils pictures from rides photos on webshots

Dodge Challenger SRT8 fully Pedderized!. A pictorial documentation pictures, photos, and videos, from rides on webshots

The final pictures will be loaded as soon as webshots does a fix. Not all the photos will display.

If you have any questions, please ask

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