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Newbie here with an 05 Chrysler 300, base model. Bought it used last year, and according to the carfax report, not much work was done with it since it was purchased, so most of its parts are original.

My shift interlock latch (pink thingy) broke about a month ago. I took it apart the gear shifter and have been driving around using a screw driver to release the pink thingy latch (for lack of better terminology) until I got around to deciding between taking it in or replacing it myself (finally opted for the latter and ordered my metal replacement piece today). BUT, about a week ago my car suddenly wouldn't turn over. I thought it was a dead battery, so my boyfriend finally had that diagnosed with a free charge today, and no, the battery isn't dead apparently.

So I'm guessing it's the alternator (?). I'm just wondering if anyone out there who has dealt with the pink thingy debacle, did you experience a battery drain afterwards? Is it somehow connected to the alternator? I only ask because I recall one of the many youtube tutorials on the pink thing mentioning that a battery went kaput shortly after replacing it.

The only prelude to this issue was I had noticed some excess liquid draining from the exhaust pipe a couple of days before. Also was naively unaware that my 5 minute short drive to work was not doing the alternator / battery any favours.

Any tips would be much appreciated!
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