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Trying to resolve this myself but if no joy will have to go to a garage/auto electrician.
Originally had these fault codes, first one under Anti lock brakes C102A (wheel speed, left rear wheel speed comparative performance) and in Transmission control U140B rear left speed sensor, implausible left rear wheel speed signal received.
After checking all was well with the tone ring I fitted a new rear left wheel speed sensor all seemed well and the sensor fitted perfectly but the 3 lights were straight back on, checked fault codes and worryingly now there are even more codes present.
The 2 screenshots show all the fault codes now present( not worried about the glow plugs)
Can all these codes be related to a specific problem?
Thinking the new sensor maybe faulty checked with the seller and he says the sensor is not the correct one for my car although his listing stated it was the correct one, could fitting the wrong sensor blow something and cause all these new fault codes.
I've checked all fuses related and all are ok.
I'm not convinced both the rear sensors are faulty as the right was fine before the new left one was fitted.
I'm not sure what to do next, buy new left and right rear sensors or is there any thing else I should look at first.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can spare a few mins to help me.

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