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Preface: I'm a supermod on another VS forum (sportbikes) so I apologize in advance for not just searching. In my defense, I have Sunday dinner to make for company tonight and I'm up super-early tomorrow to sneak it in to my mechanic at opening. IE I'll have zero time between now and when I bring it back to the seller.

2006 SRT8 with 117K kms / 75K miles

Hi all
Believe it or not, I'm mid fifties and I've never owned a Chrysler before! I've always like the 300s so an SRT8 is definitely a cool old toy to have. I found one at a good price but it has a few little nuisance items to correct.

The seller was nice enough to let me take it home overnight so I can bring it to my mechanic for a once-over tomorrow. It's around 40 miles of highway so a nice chance to get a feel for the old girl.

The good:
It was a good sign that the seller said 'hey, go-ahead and bring it to your guy'.

It runs and drives very well. Minus a few little sounds, one could say it runs like new or close. I'm surprised that the only noise I can hear on the highway is some tire noise. It's a little surprising that the stock exhaust is so muted. Even when I stomped on it and got the revs up, it sounds GREAT but very subdued. There are a few suspension noised but it's a Chrysler that has lived on crappy Quebec roads. I'm guessing inspection will turn-up the need for a link kit, bushings etc....

It looks great at a glance.
Car Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle Automotive tail & brake light

Wheel Tire Automotive side marker light Land vehicle Automotive parking light

It's mostly stock... just an intake and the grill was blacked-out.
Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design Car

The interior is in good shape, except a missing driver's carpet.
Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Car seat cover Steering part

The driver's seat is always a telltale of actual vehicle mileage. This looks like it should for the miles on this car. Also, when aimed directly into late afternoon blinding sunlight, the windshield is only lightly pitted.... again confirming the reported mileage.

The bad:
Some rust is setting in. I have no experience with rusted cars so I have no idea if this is serviceable or not.... or if this car is about to go downhill fast.

Drivers side rear door is bubbling in the corner.
Wheel Tire Car Automotive tire Automotive lighting

And the passenger side is worse. This scares the crap out of me.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire

And all along the inner doors at the rocker panels has some onset developing.
Grille Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting Tire

I also noticed this at the one headlight. They're nice and bright (as in not yellowed by sunlight) but this close-up, is it just me or does that headlight look a little too pitted for 75K miles?

Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting

Weird things
The speedo is in KMs but the odometer is in miles.....? Does this mean the car is a US car that's been adapted partially with a new speedometer fascia or is that a setting in some menu?

EDIT: miles / km issue solved in the menu
Trip computer Vehicle Speedometer Odometer Car

Also, the two idiot lights at the bottom right stay on, despite the car having new pads and rotors at all four corners.

And this airbag light also stays lit-up.
Automotive design Automotive parking light Automotive exterior Font Audio equipment

And finally, the seller says that since he changed the battery in the key, the remote doesn't work anymore.

That's all I noticed goofing around in it for an hour of mixed traffic and open highway. Not really a long list of issues. The main concern is that rust. I'll be holding my breath until I get it up on a hoist tomorrow AM.

Any thoughts or comments, I'm all ears! Thanks

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Disregard the miles and kilometers.... I googled that in 30 seconds and it's now set correctly.
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