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Power Braking w/ESP???

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hello to everyone. :wave: my boyfriend (bigbamboo) and myself enjoy this group and all the great people who hang out here. i also like to see other women like "mrs".needasrt4 jump in from time to time. i do not feel so all alone here now :silly:
the question we are looking to get some input on is this. has anyone here done a power brake burn out in their 300C/srt 8?? the concern is the esp. i understand it can not be totally turned off. stan (my b/f) has shown me how on his dakota r/t but has told me that we should not do it (power breaking silly boys) in the 300c due to the esp. any input?? anyone??
hope everyone has a great day :banana:

mz. bamboo (nicole)


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hello jjs :wave:
i understand the showing off,etc. mentality and the stress to the car. we go to lots of car shows and usally they have burn out competitions and the like. once in awhile stan likes to show off a little. and i love to watch him have fun. it makes me happy to see him happy and after all the things he has done for me. it will be cheap pay back to buy him new tires :wink1: best wishes,nicole :newangel:
hi again gang :wave: . wow. this is such a awsome bunch of people hanging out here. and hello to linda,like2race (stan you must be a great guy with that name :banana: ,hatax (hope got all that right) :wink1: congatulations hatax. i hope the two of you have a great life together. stan told me when we first met that we were each others soul mate and that we had been in love forever. it just took us awhile to find each other. i just wanted to thank everyone for the input. stan is going to look for the fuse tonight and maybe try a burn out. i will try and get a picture of it to post. this is off topic but does anyone have any info on the crossfire? good or bad? stan is saving up money to buy me one for my birtday in oct. we have drove two of them. a hard top and the srt6 model. wow! what a fun car! thanks again everyone. have a great day, nicole :newangel:
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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