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Power Braking w/ESP???

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hello to everyone. :wave: my boyfriend (bigbamboo) and myself enjoy this group and all the great people who hang out here. i also like to see other women like "mrs".needasrt4 jump in from time to time. i do not feel so all alone here now :silly:
the question we are looking to get some input on is this. has anyone here done a power brake burn out in their 300C/srt 8?? the concern is the esp. i understand it can not be totally turned off. stan (my b/f) has shown me how on his dakota r/t but has told me that we should not do it (power breaking silly boys) in the 300c due to the esp. any input?? anyone??
hope everyone has a great day :banana:

mz. bamboo (nicole)


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Why would you want to other than to 'impress' those not worthy of impressing?

I mean it is high stress on the car, a waste of tires, and totally unnecessary (unless at a track in a true race car on slicks).
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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