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Hi everyone,
My passenger seat jammed the other day when I moved it fully forward which was a pain in the butt to get access. The big issue with this was that I had no access to the front mounting bolts to remove the seat.
As it happens this was for the best. I actually removed the seat from the runners and disconnected the electrical connections. This gave me access to the motor and the Flexi shaft that drives the threaded bushes on the threaded shaft.
I removed the four torx bolts that hold the motor and motor support bracket to the runner and gently lifted it away being careful with the Flexi spindles as to avoid kinking them.
What I found was that the Flexi shafts can slide in and out and on the side that I thought was jammed, the actual flexishaft had slipped back and so was not engaged.
I noticed on mine that the wire that runs around the square shaft was sticking out and could not be push back in until I tweaked it back in position with a pair of pliers.
I reassembled the motor bracket and flexishaft making sure both ends were engaged.
Connected power cable and tested before fully assembling seat.
All was fully working.
I am sure you could try to move the flexishaft to engage shaft first prior to removing the motor and bracket. I did try, but as the flexishaft end was slightly damaged it would not locate back in drive block.
My seat is back to working as normal.
Hope this helps anyone stuck in same predicament and save them a lot of money.
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