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precision racing. what about a meet on jun25.


There a racing event held by precision racing with compliance to car and driver. The cost is 99 dollars per car and they provide a helmet for u. Total of 10 runs, includes an 3 runs on autox challenge(driving through cones), 3 runs on acceleration challenge(driving in straight line), 1 practice run + 3 runs on skidpad challenge(driving through an entire track). Well i am thinking of making this one, just 100 bucks and would help out for that 1 hour or 2 hour meet.
Let me know what u guys think about it, it would be serious ripper and I will serious open my car up on this track ofcourse.
OH, we will be on a webcam for the entire forum to see.

The event will be held at silverdome, so its close to a lot of the people. Jeremy how about u come down and show us what ur srt8 can do.
I will make it for sure. Its right next to work*chrysler*.
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