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I posted a couple weeks ago asking about this, am posting again seeking the input of all of you who are definitely more experienced and lots smarter than I am...

using the datalogging feature on the Predator, and the dataviewer, how does(or should I say, how should?) one properly record and then read/view to ascertain 0-60 performance?

It seems starting at the graphic point where 0mph changes to 1mph and ending at 59 to 60 is flawed (some pointed out that 0-60 time begins and the timer is clicking away for a while before 0 turns over to 1MPH, others suggested that the end point should be 61MPH, still others suggested "use the EVIC 0-60" which doesn't help much when you have a 2006 like I have, and still others suggested "videotape it" which is a neat idea, but I've got this neighbor with a C-5 Corvette and a gigantic mouth that really needs an attitude adjustment without the risk of losing my license and my kids' college savings account for a drag racing arrest...).

What about this...

If a user was going to go from full stop without "brake torquing" at all (i.e. keeping the brake on, and raising the RPMs to 1,000 or more before letting off the brake and dumping the throttle towards WOT), would recording both throttle position AND MPH datapoints give an accurate measurement?

In other words, if the car was idling at a steady, say, 700 RPM or so, and your graphed throttle position was at "0" and your MPH was obviously at "0" and you jumped on the throttle, you should be able to then see the precise moment where throttle position changes, RPMs change, and very soon after, MPH changes.

I am assuming that the hundredths of a second mark on the timeline where the throttle position and RPMs change is the key here, not the MPH, so I'd not pay attention to that for the start point...

But where, then, would you select for the "60mph" point on the timeline so you could then subtract the beginning from the end to get your "0-60MPH time?" At the point at which 59MPH JUST turns to 60MPH on the graph (my guess)? or would it be somewhere else?

Please provide some input here, I hate to think that a tool as powerful as this thing isn't more capable of telling me how fast my car is as the G-timer I bought off of eBay.

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