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Problem with the Airbag warning light on.

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Has anybody had a problem with this? Mine came on Monday evening, I have an appointment to have the dealer take a quick look at it.
Maybe they will find an error code, and it will be an easy fix.
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Add me to the list!
This morning in rush-hour traffic.
I'll try the pressing the diodes trick to see if it goes off and stays off.
Kind of weird in a way as yesterday I helped a friend extinguish the air bag light in his '98 Mustang caused by a chrome-plate dressup kit he had added that literally left the crash sensors ungrounded. Seems like the 'evil seed' followed me to my C!
12/05/05 EDIT: At lunchtime I had occasion to have to go into the trunk so I pulled up the floor cover, popped the PDC's cover and pushed on the two black diodes. They really didn't seem to move. Only then did I start the engine and, as if by magic, the airbag warning light extinguished after the perscribed 6 - 8 seconds. I should have tried starting it before pressing on the diodes as maybe the warning light would have turned off by itself. I'll see what the trip home brings!
PS - For the record, the outside temperature at the time was 31 degrees F, but then's about what it's been all day so far.
12/06/05 EDIT: No air bag light on the trip home or back in to work this A.M.
Ambient temp. still around 30F. I checked the service manual as to what the purpose of those (2) black diodes is/are. Neither has anything to do with air bag stuff. Interestingly though the black diodes are situated in the rear PDC on the end of a row with 4 fuses, one of which (#28) is for the MODULE-OCCUPANT RESTRAINT CONTROLLER! Perhaps accessing the diodes also accessed Fuse #28?
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