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Problem with the Airbag warning light on.

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Has anybody had a problem with this? Mine came on Monday evening, I have an appointment to have the dealer take a quick look at it.
Maybe they will find an error code, and it will be an easy fix.
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I had an ongoing problem with my airbag month for 8 months+. Eventually they had to replace the wiring harness. I guess some early models had the wiring harness without gold-plated contacts. I was told this was the problem, especially in colder weather when a good connection is needed. My light was always on when the cabin/outside temperature was cold because a good connection was needed. Once the car, wires warmed up, upon the next start of the car the light would remain off until the next morning or when the car sat for awhile. It was a pain in the ass for them to track it down, but since the replacement of that harness, the light has remained off.

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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