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Said I would post pics, Sorry they are night shots but this is when I had time to go do this. I'll get better pics (day time) once the crappy weather ends...
For now here is my baby....
Mods are mostly audio & cosmetic for now.

Audio group II, PLUS...
2 -6.5 in woofer/1in tweeter-eclipse component system front kicker area.
4- 6.5 eclipse (2 in each front door pocket)
2 -6x9 in rear doors (1 in each pocket)
2 - JL Audio 15" subs in ported box.

Pink n Purple LED under carriage.
Blue Frost LED in grill and wheel wells

Mirror Finish Full metalized Tint

Alteeza Chrome LED tail lights, bezel trim color matched to OEM paint.
(no ugly black strip around tail lights)

Massaging seats.... MMMMM

real wood grain kit interior.

22" Verde Helix on 265/35

Bently Grill

"Angry Eye" Brow (tint on windshield)

I know, I know... need a drop her booty just a little bit...
It's supposed to rain tomorrow, but as soon as I get some sun I'll get some pics out to you...of the car, I'm kinda of stalker paranoid, LOL...maybe a couple people here I would send a photo to... maybe...,:biggrin:.

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Same manufacturer, different brand, kinda like they do with the car alarms... Lots of wheel manufacturers do this... The Car Gods only know why...
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