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Q for Canadian owners: do you buy your tire from the US?

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The reason I ask is because the announced price on the net between, say, (USA) and (Canada) is humongous.

For example the Pirelli Sottozero 225/60R18 is 181$ US (~213$ Can) on tirerack, and 285$ Can on tiretrend. A local dealer here in Montreal quoted me 287$ Can for these same tires. Should I just order straigth from tirerack, or is there some tax/duty fees that make the US order less attractive?
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i'm in toronto and could not agree more.
i ordered my snows from tirerack yesterday. US $228/tire (about C$275) deliverd to buffalo (i have a place i can get stuff shipped to there). My cdn tire guy could not get the tire for under $425 ea. Saved c$600 on the set.

there is no duty. you only pay GST (and i assume QST) -- but you have to pay that in canada anyway. and the shipping into canada is a bit more. and you have to pay a customs handling fee if they ship to canada -- about $15 flat rate per shipment.
Rambit said:
Are you sure about the duty HW? I had to pay around $14 for the detailing stuff I bought from Gary, and it was worth $88.30 US. I bought a new CPU a couple of years ago that cost around $200 US and had to pay over $100 duty on it.

Well strictly speaking it depends on the goods brought in. Most items are covered under the free trade agreement = no duty. Hence the detailing stuff was about C$100 and they do collect GST and PST on everything so $14 is about right, depending on what exchange rate they used

Not sure about the CPU. If it was not made in America, it probably would have had a duty based on country of origin.

I guess the chartered accountant in me just thinks about this stuff too much.
tire rack will even send them to the installer of your choice in the .... ahem...border town of your choice. see their website for details.

i can't do that in my case because i am putting the snows on my stock wheels and still need the f1's (only 4,000km on them).
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