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Q for Canadian owners: do you buy your tire from the US?

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The reason I ask is because the announced price on the net between, say, (USA) and (Canada) is humongous.

For example the Pirelli Sottozero 225/60R18 is 181$ US (~213$ Can) on tirerack, and 285$ Can on tiretrend. A local dealer here in Montreal quoted me 287$ Can for these same tires. Should I just order straigth from tirerack, or is there some tax/duty fees that make the US order less attractive?
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We bring in tires/wheels from TireRack all the time. Don't bother converting using the dollar diff alone. Current exchange with duties, brokerage, taxes etc = 1.5.
So take you $175 tire multiply by 1.5 and that will be your landed cost. Just keep in mind now you will have to take that product to a shop and pay full price for mounting and balancing. no need for them to give you a deal, u didn;t even buy product from them.
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