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Quad Exhaust tips..

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I was just wondering if anyone has installed quad (2 outlets on either side in the rear) tips on a 300C? I have noticed it on a particular 300c and was just wondering if anyone knows which tips to use/where to buy them/ and how they fit??

any information is appreciated
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Different style for sure...

I too,have seen several pictures of the "Dual Tips",and I like 'em...guess it's my wierd sense of taste again...Shouldn't be THAT difficult in having them fit.Would be a different look..and you KNOW I like DIFFERENT lol
PixelPusher said:
I've got "Sebring" quad tips on my magnaflow system $90 per side for the tips but they look hot! heheh at least I think so.. nothin but compliments so far.
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Exhaust tips look nice. Did you have to modify the lower bumper fascia to make them fit ? Or did you just install 'em,
and let 'em rest against the bumper ? Looks like your muffler is hanging low also
"QUAD TIPS" by Magnaflow,at GOOD price

If ,by chance,anyone is STILL looking for the "QUAD TIP" exhaust.. I have found them,at a very good price.
$103.38 delivered to my door. Had 'em installed today,hope to modify the lower fascia to accomadate the tips.
Look here for the tips:
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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