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Quad Exhaust tips..

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I was just wondering if anyone has installed quad (2 outlets on either side in the rear) tips on a 300C? I have noticed it on a particular 300c and was just wondering if anyone knows which tips to use/where to buy them/ and how they fit??

any information is appreciated
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id like some nice quad tips as well. been looking forever, and really cant find much except some on ebay, but i question the quality of them. borla has some nice ones, but they run about $100 per side which is a lil expensive for just tips if you ask me. please let me know guys, and ill do likewise as id love to get some of these!
damn those tips on the startech are exactly what i was looking for! anyone have any idea of how to get them, or some contact info for startech? they dont look polished, but they are still sick nonetheless.

as for cutting the bumper to accomodate the dual tips, i plan on just switching out my C bumper with a base model bumper (as i dont like the chrome piece on the C bumper anyways).

now if i can just find out what tips these are!!!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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