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Question about 2nd gear "lag"...

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When I take off, say, at 1/4 or 1/2 throttle, and the car goes from 1st to 2nd... once it hits second it feels normal, then for a second or two it seems to drop down lower in the rpm band, almost like the torque converter is locking up. What is this? Why is it setup this way? Is anyone else experiencing this? I thought I read about it somewhere but couldn't find it when searching.
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Weedo said:
Great, thanks! I'll see what the dealer says. Mine is an '06 Magnum SRT-8, can't remember the build date...

Does anyone have a website where I can bring this up and print it to bring it into the dealer? You know how they are!

Here ya go... funny this fricken happended to me EXACTLY, I thought the motor stalled for a bit:

"TSB#: 18-031-05

Date: July 21, 2005

Subject: Flash: Shift Hesitation During Wide Open Throttle

Overview: This bulletin involves selectively erasing and reprogramming the Transmission Control Module (TCM) with new software.

Models: 2005 - 2006 (LX) SRT-8 (300C/Magnum/Charger)

NOTE: NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles equipped with a 6.1L engine (sales code ESF) and a NAG1 automatic transmission (sales code DGJ) built on or before July 25, 2005.

Symptom/Condition: Randomly during a wide open throttle condition the engine RPM goes beyond the fuel cutoff point before the 1-2 upshift is made. This causes a short hard bump at the beginning of the shift. It is more likely to occur if the vehicle is traveling around 15 MPH and then the throttle is pushed to wide open (WOT). This condition is caused by the TCM not being able to calculate the correct engine speed at which to initiate the shift"
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