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Radio unit in Safe Mode

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Hi! I just changed my battery today and my radio went into Safe mode. Does anyone know where I can generate my unlock code? You think that you can do that online or i have to take the car to a dealership? Thank you!
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You can take it to the dealership and the will give you the code free of charger, although they will charge you for taking out the radio so if you can take it out, annotate the serial number. They will ask for the vehicle documentation and your ID. You can also get the codes online but you will have to pay for them.
Hi! I own a small car service and i usually get my codes form this site Radio Code Generator | Dealership codes!, never had any issues with it, you can visit a dealership too but for me this is faster.
Thank you for the suggestion, i just got it and it works, thank you so much again!
If someone else has a similar issue for me this website worked great. Hope this was helpful! Many thanks again Cristian for the suggestion.
HI. the best service on the market is CAR RADIO CODE UNLOCK SERVICE . Very quick and efficient . Well recommended.
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