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Raplacing in dash 3.5" with 4" coax Cliff Designs W/ Pics

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Well, I am done with the driver's side after 2 hours of work. I wanted to replace the factory speakers in the dash with some 4" instead of the factory 3 or 3.5" whatever they are (they look small). I was told by my audio guy that they would either have to remove the dash (they wanted big bucks), or remove the windshield to do this, I thought that was not a good answer.

Obviously the hole for the factory speakers is way to small for the new speaker. I removed the grille, then the factory speaker, and was happy to see no vents near it. I dug in with my trusty dremel and started the trimming. The angle was weird and the cutting was not perfect. The speaker was also cut with a dremel to stuff the thing in there...

Wiring was easy, I found the color chart on the FAQ post for audio. The speaker was in place and I used some shoe goo to tighten the speaker in. Sounds unreal so far, it really warmed things up in there. Along with the Kicker 8" midbass in the doors these 4s are nice. They were only $70 or so... The only problem is that the factory sub is not liking the new found power from the ADS 8 channel amp. I will have a new sun in soon, hope a 12 or possibly a 10.


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