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That's right! Dyno Steve from RDP of Australia is back at HHP Monday the 23rd through the 25. we will dyno as many cars as possible. You've probably read all of the great reviews about the awesome tuning Dyno Steve has done for countless forum members and now's your chance to get his talents applied to your HEMI.

Pricing: $475 per tune
Additional Tunes: $150.00

Choice of N.A. pump gas, race fuel and nitrous tunes for all combinations. Please call us to schedule any forced induction tuning with Dyno Steve. Troubled cars that require more than the normal tuning time may incur additional tuning fees of $185.00/hour and are on a job by job basis but Steve is a very fair person so don't worry. You will need to have your car fueled in the fashion that you want it tuned when you arrive ~ or ~ we have a local VP Fuels and can make arrangements for race fuel if you are planning on having a race tune performed, we will just need to know in advance. Street driveability is highly recommended with use of pump gas.

We are planning on strictly Street tuning Wednesday so far then Street and Dyno Tuning on Thursday. For most vehicles the street tuning is recommended. Expected dyno costs for Thursday are an additional $100 (we're still hammering them out with our partnering dyno shop).

Call us at 888-894-1115 to schedule. If you have any questions, please post them up here. I'm sure those that have already been tuned by Dyno Steve will chime in, too, and offer their recommendations. Steve said he will tune any and all cars that make it in for tuning so we're not capping the car count anytime soon. As long as there's cars to be tuned, Steve will keep on tuning.

Schedule Your Car Today.

Check back for updates shortly.
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