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REAR Axle Info

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More info on the LX rear gears.
In my LX service manual there are 3 rear axles listed.
198 MM RII
210 MM RII
215 MM RII

"The 198 axle is available only in all-wheel-drive (AWD) models, and in V-6 engine-equipped rear-wheel-drive (RWD) models, and is available in three gear ratios: 3.07 3.64 & 3.90:1."

" The 210 MM is available Only in V8 engine-equipped models with a 2.82:1 gear ratio."

The 215 MM does not give ratios or application information but I figure it is the SRT8 version. Because I’m assuming that the names are the ring gear diameter. 198 MM (7.79"), 210 MM (8.27"), and 215 MM (8.46").
All are listed as open differentials.

So if anyone can get the ring gear sizes from the Mercedes service manual we will know if there is a possible swap. The service manual should also state the parts for LSD if equipped
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