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Rear Driveshaft Coupler - Grenaded? Most Likely

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so let me lay the ground here.
vehicle is in shop for "squeking" left rear middle of last month.
Guys at DCX dealership couldn't find what was wrong so they are going to replace all of the rear bushings this coming Monday instead.
So I get the car back from them that night and put about 25 miles on it. As I'm driving home with my older daughter in the car, I get on it and as the car shifts from 1st to 2nd, it sounds like the rear end took a rpg hit from underneath. I hesitated for a second to see if I lost power and driveability. No problems. Called the dealership the next morning and let my service advisor know. He says no problem Chris, just bring it in when we replace the bushings if you are not leaking any fluids or can see anything. So 3 weeks go by and then this evening, I am driving same daughter again, and the rear end sounds like another rpg hits the car on the underside. Pull over and check again. Can't see anything. Feels ok. So I call dealership as it is happening and left message that I am having problem with rear end of vehicle. It is shimming bad and the back end has a serious vibration.

new info:
Got a call back this morning that they'll be expecting me in. Told him of syptoms again and the vibration and that I think it is the coupler attached to the driveshaft and that the driveshaft has rub marks on it. "Go ahead and bring it in". Not go and have it towed in, go ahead and bring it it as in drive it in.
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I'm glad to hear it's covered by warranty. My SRT8s right axle shaft broke under hard acceleration several weeks ago, rendering my car completely disabled on the side of the road. Good luck, and I hope they get it running like new.
Sorry to hear about your troubles. I snapped the right axle shaft on my SRT8 several weeks ago and my car is stock, other than the Predator tune. My dealer service experience was horrible, but they did repair it under warranty. They gave me a lecture on "abuse" and I had a couple of uncomfortable conversations with the service technician. For a while, it was unclear if they would even cover it. They commented on the rubber in the wheel wells and on the mufflers. Always clean any burnt rubber up right away, even in the places you can't see such as the wheel wells and under the mufflers. They implied the burnt rubber showed "abuse". I'm not sure what will happen if I have more problems, but I'll be bringing mine to a different dealer from now on. Good luck with the repair. Keep us posted on your experience.
Now that is interesting to hear. Have you been dealing with this for a while?
This touches on what I am hearing is that the dealers are being much more critical on warranty items because Chrysler is not going to pay them.

Thanks to everyone for their comments.
The dealer that I took it to for repair was the one that sold me the car, and the one that I have always brought it to for service. They were fine, until I had a problem. The service tech told me the car had to be abused or it wouldn't have broken, and then he pointed out the rubber in the wheel wells. I never admited to doing burnouts, but I told him that spinning the tires should not cause an axle shaft to snap. Then I told him that "it's not like I've been towing a boat with my car". Either way, I felt like I shouldn't have to explain things, and they should just do the repair and stop trying to make me feel like it was my fault.

Do you have a Predator tune installed on your car? Originally, I thought the Predator may have had something to do with the failure because I had just installed the tune 2 days before it happened. Everyone seems to agree that it couldn't have been the Predator and it was most likely some kind of defect in the part or perhaps something that happened earlier (maybe at the dragstrip?).
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Well, the "service" experience with Chrysler ranks among the worst. They repaired my problem, but gave me lots of grief over it, and I'm not sure what will happen if I have more problems with the drivetrain. Please keep us posted. I hope they repair it for you. I'm really regretting paying for the extended warranty now. I get the feeling they will try and make excuses if anything else happens. When you buy a new car, you are supposed to feel confident about any problem that occurs being repaired. That's not the way I feel now.
Good luck with everything. I'm looking forward to hearing the outcome.

ok all,
here is the latest.

I did not hear from the customer service department by 3pm pst as promised - so I'm a little miffed about that.

In all fairness to Chrysler and the local dealer - (everyone needs to know this as it explains the dealer's stance). Chrysler DOES NOT warranty the frame. At least with the warranty that I bought from Chrysler - and one that is a Chrysler specific warranty sold by a Chrysler dealer.
That was news to me about this whole thing.

So break out your warranties and read the fine print. Bumper to bumper is not really everything in between as it seems.

With that being said, someone from Detroit called the dealer and spoke with my service advisor and the tech that did the P&A for 1/2 hour this afternoon.
I will be told if they (Chrysler) are going to cover this or not sometime tomorrow.

Hopefully Chrysler does the right thing here on this one.
Thanks for your support.

I'm glad to hear they are covering it! It seems like it would be better for them to not make such a fuss about it and just cover it in the first place. I'm happy they are doing the right thing.
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