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Hi everyone, newbie to the board. Actually I guess I'm an interloper because I ... :27: ...don't have a 300c or an SRT-8 ! I've got an '04 Durango Limited (yeah, it's got a Hemi) and I'm upgrading the stock radio to the Nav unit. This is one awsome site you guys have. Wish I could find something nearly as active with the D's, especially the stuff JonW is working on. Since it's the same radio I expect it'll work in my system, too. One thing I want to do is incorporate an aux RGB input (yeah, Hi Dominic! ;)) with a single board computer (ala Stanford's "Matchbox Server") and have the option of viewing OBDII/CAN diag software from the nav screen. But I digress...

My question is, have any of you had to input an initialization code in your REC Nav Radios? I've seen it discussed ONCE in a D forum, but only by ONE individual. Also, anyone know if there is an internal battery in the REC unit? I'm thinking that perhaps, if the battery drained or was replaced that the code would need to be re-entered.

Great forum here. Hope you don't mind an occasional outlander!

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