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Removing rear bumper chrome trim on C?

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The more and more I look at the chrome strip that accents the top of the whole bumper on my C, they more I might think the car would look better without it there. I have a minor (but noticable enough to be replaced) ding in the bumper and the chrome strip anyways, so I'm going to have to get a new bumper/chrome trim which my dealer says is gonna cost me upwards of $800. I was wondering if I could perhaps replace the bumper with a base model bumper or something? I plan on adding rectangular exhaust tips which wouldnt look right with the exhaust cut outs on the C bumper anyways. Only problem I have is that i currently have rear back up sensors and would like to keep them.
Does anyone know if i can interchange a base model or touring bumper on my C then cut out holes for the back up sensors? Or any other ideas on how to achieve a chrome-less bumper?
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lennoxavesosa said:
thats exactly the look im trying to achieve. i was unaware the srt8 did not have the chrome trim. however the fact still remains that i need a new bumper because of that ungodly blemish. im going to try to take it to a good body shop and see if they can fill it and not have to replace it, as i dont think it needs to be completely replaced personally, and can be touched up. will a base model bumper cost me any less from the dealer than a c bumper would? i imagine so because in their price quote they are charging me for the bumper and chrome accent, if i got the base one i would only have to pay for the bumper.
Couldn't it be ordered without the chrome accent if so requested?
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